5 reasons why you should not look at ITIL4

5 reasons why you should not look at ITIL4

1) You do not want to look a fresh approach of Service Value System:

ITIL4 introduces, or I must say formalizes many concepts that have been adopted in the industry. You shouldn’t look at ITIL4 if you want to ignore about a fresh approach towards looking at everything from Service Value System perspective. Identifying different value streams is now more important than simply borrowing the lifecycle modules and converting them into functions across ITSM.


2) You want to remain confused between DevOps, ITIL, Agile, Safe and other buzzwords:

While DevOps and Agile are not the buzzwords anymore, a lot of confusion and chaos is caused because of lack of clarity in modern IT world. ITIL4 brings a lot of clarity around how DevOps and ITIL roles can be combined in order to deliver value. You will be amazed to see how different roles describe in DevOps/Scrum and ITIL can be combined to not only reduce cost, but also to scale as an IT Service Provider.


3) You want to continue to believe that ITIL doesn’t provide any guidance on governing emerging technologies based on cloud computing:

Cloud computing brings disruption; however, it doesn’t change the objective of IT Service Provider i.e. delivering the value to service consumer. ITIL4 provides guidance around critical practices that will be key to drive ITSM best practices in the modern world


4) You assume that you are already ITIL Expert and you don’t need to upgrade:

That assumption is good but only the first part, because there wouldn’t be ITIL Expert anymore. However, the new certification schema focuses on building specific capability around Service Value System, a lot of IT Service Providers have already made changes in their operating model that used to create silos. New approach moves away from traditional or let me call it legacy service lifecycle module and looks at IT Services from a “VALUE” standpoint only. Service Value System will force you not to think linear while analyzing service lifecycle and service value streams.


5) You hate frameworks:

I am not surprised if you are one of those who hate frameworks. And this article isn’t intended to convince you in a way that you start loving frameworks. It’s always like this – Frameworks exist due to work practices from real environments, not the other way around. Believe it or not, you and I are following some of many frameworks because framework originates from real work practices. I’d love to hear from you if you have a new way to manage and deliver IT Services; and we can always use what we have and especially when it works, instead of reinventing the wheel. I’d call ITIL4 a very inclusive framework that allows an IT Service Provider to go beyond processes and functions, rather expands itself to system thinking by obsessively compulsively focusing on delivering value to business/customer.

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