Enterprise Architecture Course based on the TOGAF® Standarde


Also known as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a methodology specifically designed for enterprise architecture. This framework provides an approach for planning, implementing and designing.

IT was developed in 1995 by the Open Group.

Course description

It is designed at four levels: Data, Application, Technology and Business.

Data architecture which focuses on the logical structure, data assets and data management resources.

Applications architecture is like a blueprint a blueprint for the individual systems to be deployed, the interactions among the application systems, and their relationships to the business processes of the organization.

Technical architecture focuses on the hardware, network infrastructure and software, which supports the implementation of critical application.

Business architecture which focuses on strategy, governance and key business processes of the organization.

It focuses on existing technologies and products.

To sum up it’s basically an approach which helps in governing the enterprise information technology architecture.

 Target audience

Enterprise Architecture Professionals

Business Architects

IT Architects

Individuals who require a deeper understanding of TOGAF 9

Course Features

    • Language – English

    • Skill level – Advance

    • Duration – 4 days

    • Liked by – 892

    • Mode – Classroom

Benefits to Individual

TOGAF being one of the premium courses is an asset for any individual.

TOGAF helps the candidate to understand a new operating system by guiding on how to design, plan, implement and manage it.

Provides understanding on modelling tools

Provides knowledge and understanding in system layering, management and IT Architecture.

Benefits to Organisation

TOGAF methodology is followed mostly by government and financial organizations to improve business efficiency.

Helps in streamlining the process for the user's.

Appreciated returns on investments.

Helps in efficient use of resources.

Helps in taking cost effective decisions at all levels.

In this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to prepare for and achieve both TOGAF 9.1 Level 1 certification, known as TOGAF 9.1 Foundation, and TOGAF Level 2 certification, known as TOGAF 9.1 Certified.

You will learn the technology, structure, and concepts of TOGAF 9.1. In addition to gaining the knowledge and comprehension of TOGAF 9.1, you will learn to analyze and apply this knowledge.

Course Duration

4 days

TOGAF 9 PART 1 - Pass mark 55% (22 or more points out of a maximum of 40)

This exam comprises 40 questions in simple multiple-choice format, covering the Level 1 learning outcomes (see the Conformance Requirements for detail). Each correct answer scores a single point.

TOGAF 9 Part 2 - Pass mark 60% (24 or more points out of a maximum of 40)

This exam comprises 8 complex scenario questions, with gradient scoring. This exam is open book and covers the complete Level 2 learning outcomes. The correct answer scores 5 points, the second-best answer 3 points, the third best answer 1 point. The distracter scores zero points.

Certification by

The Open Group


For TOGAF Part 1 there are no prerequisites. For TOGAF Part 2 exam, candidate must have passed Part 1 exam.

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