DevOps Foundation


DevOps training program is designed to help you to learn and apply the latest DevOps methodology so as to automate the software development process within your firm. You will learn configuration management; continuous integration deployment, delivery and continuous monitoring using DevOps tools.

Course description

DevOps which is an abbreviated form of “development” and “operations” is a part of DevOps foundation which focuses on bridging the gap between the software development and software operation.

DevOps foundation provides the understanding of objectives and meaning of DevOps.

It eases the work flow by providing smooth transmission of information, cooperation, incorporation and automation between IT development and IT operations department.

Smooth workflow helps in quality design, creation, implementation and in operating software and services quickly.

Technical Benefits:

  • Smooth software delivery
  • Easy management
  • Prompt solutions

 Target audience

Anyone seeking an understanding of DevOps principles, practices and cultural considerations

Course Features

    • Language – English

    • Skill level – Beginner

    • Duration – 2 days

    • Liked by – 849

    • Mode – Classroom / Online

Benefits to Individual

More productive work

Team management

Professional development

Benefits to Organization

Prompt delivery

Committed employees

Smooth communication between teams

Quick implementation

Innovative solutions

DevOps objectives and vocabulary

Benefits to the business and IT

Concepts and practices - including its relationship to Agile, Lean and IT Service Management (ITSM)

Improved workflows

Improved communication and feedback loops

Reliance on automation

Applying DevOps in an enterprise environment

Critical success factors and key performance indicators

Real-life examples and results

Course Duration

2 Days

40 Multiple choice examination questions

65% marks required to pass

60 minutes duration

Closed book

Certification by

DevOps Institute


Professional Experience: Two years of work experience in IT Service Management

Completion of pre-class assignment

Familiarity with IT software development and operations responsibilities

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