ISO/IEC 20000 – Introduction


It is the standardization developed by ISO. ISO/IEC 20000 was developed by IT service management forum to help organization’s which provides ITSM activities who wants to benchmark their services.
It’s basically a service management standard which in turn helps the service provider to analyze and plan everything from planning to establishing to maintenance and to improve a service provided to their customer.

Course description

ISO/IEC 20000
Learning Objectives of this course –

Understand the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used to implement an IT Service Management System

Understand the basic elements of an IT Service Management System (ITSMS)

By attending the ISO/IEC 20000 Introduction course, you will understand the importance of an IT Service Management System and the benefits that businesses, society and governments can obtain.

 Target audience

Individuals interested in IT Service Management

Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the main processes of IT Service Management Systems

Course Features

    • Language – English

    • Skill level – Beginner

    • Duration – 1 day

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    • Mode – Classroom / Online

Organizational Benefits and service providers benefits

It educates the organization which is seeking for services from service providers and also who are looking for an assured and satisfactory service from their service providers

It is useful for a service provider who is planning to present its capacity to fulfill the requirement of their customer.

It educates the service provider as to how to measure and monitor its services so as to improve and fill in that loophole.

It helps in effectively implementing the design or improvement to the SMS

ISO certification are one of the most reputed certification in the market and shows the organization's sincerity towards its growth and its customer's satisfaction.

Introduction to IT Service Management System (ITSMS) concepts as required by ISO/IEC 20000

Course Duration

1 Day

No Exam

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