Trainer was good

“The trainer was really good. Knowledge was gained and examples were clear to understand basic concepts.”

Aritra Sen

IT Analyst at TATA Consultancy Services

Training was to the point from Vishal Vyas

“Trainer – Vishal Vyas explained the topics giving real life scenarios and making it relatable to physical environment. Session was to the point.”

Supriya Singh

System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services

Training was excellent

“Overall training was very interesting and lively. Looking forward for more such sessions”

Pallavi Mondal

System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services

Session was really helpful

“The session was really helpful, many real life examples were put forward which we can relate. Course material was also good and of course the instructor.”

Saradiya Roy Gupta

Assistant Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services

Great mentor, coverage of topics was good

“We had an interesting way of learning Service Strategy with examples given by our mentor.”

Amrit Kumar Pal

System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services

Foreseeing business compilation

“It was a really wonderful session and it helped me to understand the implementation of the course in real life scenarios.”

Ritwik Chatterjee

Assistant System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services

Well qualified team of trainers with sound knowledge

" Knowlathon is having a Well qualified team of trainers, with sound knowledge of their respective areas and having rich Industry experience. Training facilities and coordination of team Knowlathon is superb."

Vishwajeet Verma

Project Manager at IBM

The training was really helpful

" The training was really helpful and I appreciate the trainer for providing us very real scenario project example which has been carrying out by most of the organisations , that’s really help us to understand course more in practical . At last objectives were clearly stated from the start. I gained a greater knowledge of lifting equipment and it's correct use."

Sandeep Choudhari

Deputy Manager (Business continuity and Disaster Recovery) at Reliance Jio

Sound knowledge on topics, good training material

“Staff was coordinative, trainer was having sound knowledge on topics, good training material was provided.”

Shekhar B Raut

Operations Manager in Cognizant

Excellent training, Real life project scenarios

“Excellent training. Subject was covered in depth along. Real life project scenarios were discussed in detail to further understand the subject more deeply and Applying the same in real cases.”

Prakash Sati

Service delivery Lead (IT Infra) in Lava International Ltd

Only place for all my certification

“My only place for all my certification, I am fully satisfied”

Satya Vikash

Manager in TCS

Good knowledge, conducted sessions well

“Trainer had good knowledge and conducted sessions well.”

Anand Ghotavadekar

Senior Consultant Specialist in Software Testing at HSBC Software

Perfect completion of training

"It is the trainer who ensures a perfect completion of training. So, the purpose was achieved through the trainer – Anand Kulkarni."

Rahul Patil

Manager in Maersk

Good explanation for each phase

"Good trainer with good examples and explanation for each phase of training"

Shashank Pandey

Business Relationship Manager in Maersk

Good examples during training session

"Training was very well summarized with good examples"

Amit Kanal

Senior Manager in Maersk

Session was full of real time cases

“It was a very knowledgeable session. Trainer was really good and was able to provide a real time cases as an evidence during the session”

Unmesh Karmarkar

Service Delivery Manager in Wurth IT India

Informative session

“Session was really informative and full of examples”

Vikas Pimpale

Team Lead in Capgemini

Cleared Concepts

“Overall it was good session in terms of clearing concepts & getting more knowledge on process.”

Sarang Gaiki

Working in HSBC

Improved my knowledge

“It was good experience. It improved my knowledge & it definitely will help me in my work.”

Avinash Navale

Team Lead in TCS

Trainer explained each module in detail

“Trainer has very good knowledge. Each module was explained with example, which helped me to remember each one of them.”

Diago Pereira

Senior PMO at Capita

Session was really knowledgeable

“Training session was good and trainer was knowledgeable.”

Sagar Patil

Transition Manager at Capita

Invaluable examples provided

“I’ve been a manager for transition of projects for several years. This training has been a great upsight of the examples shared are invaluable”

Geeta Prabhu

Senior Manager at FISGLOBAL

Training helped me to upscale skills

“Good to know the process and techniques of PRINCE2, which will upscale my professional skills.”

Anita Rana

Team Leader at Vmware Inc.

Knowledge could be use in deliverables

“Session was very informative, knowledge could be used in your deliverables”

Rajni Vino

Assistant Manager at Vmware Inc.

Knowledgeable faculty

“The faculty has a very practical knowledge of the courses and helps me to understand major aspects in a detailed way.”

Sneha Panchal

Works in Rise Solutions

Training was full of real time examples

“Trainer was no doubt very clear about the concepts and topics. Examples given were real time and experience was really good!”

Siddhartha Khaund

IT Sr. Analyst at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Great experience at Knowlathon

“It was a great learning experience at Knowlathon!”

Malka Tabassum

Assistant Manager at Virtusa

Training was upto the expectations!

“Knowlathon’s PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner training was very informative material provided was upto our expectations”

Venkatesh Mani

Infratech Support Associate at Accenture

Vijayan provided excellent training

“Trainer expertise on various standards, frameware, process enlightening etc. Able to corelate principles to every industry.”

Selva Kumar

Senior Professional at DXC Technology

Delivered what has promised

“Knowlathon provided what they promised. As to gain knowledge and provided all necessary documents. Interactive session which is absolute value and worth for domain.”

Syed Shakin Ahmed

N/W OPS Senior Advisory at Accenture

Session was interactive

“Session was interactive, and it will help me to improve my management skills”

S. Suresh Kumar

IT Support Analyst at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Trainer is well knowledged

“PRINCE2 is really recommended to others as the ”

Logonathan Gopalraj

Sr. Infra Tech Analyst at Accenture

Knowlathon has great trainers

“Knowlathon has great trainers. Session was more interactive with examples of real time scenario. Documents are very effective with simple understanding.”

Umesh Kumar

N/W OPS Senior Advisory At Accenture

It was well documented

“I’m extremely happy to say that, this session gave me a real life view on the whole Service Strategy process. Also, it was very interactive and fulfilled because of view and teaching style of trainer.”

Arnab Bhaumik

System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services

Got overall idea of Service Strategy

“Training session was very interactive. Topics was covered very well with real life examples. Looking forward to join other courses as well.”

Puja Barman

System Engineer at TATA Consultancy Services